SWIM WITH TURTLES AND HARBOR TOURS! $175 PER PERSON. 3 hour tour. 2 guests minimum.

Co-ordinate with Shay or Kera at our resort. Swim with turtles, a close ride from our resort to our own secret turtle habitat, a one of a kind adventure or Discover Elizabeth Harbor, our sandbars, Chat'N'Chill, feeding stingrays, sandbar lunch etc. Elvis Water Taxi Tours-see our web page for details


Chat 'n' Chill, a 5-minute kayak ride from us- the quintessential laid-back, bare-feet beach bar for real beach bums. Come chill with us!

Off the top, here are some of the activities that will keep you captivated

Kite surfing

 Renting a power boat


Jet Ski Rentals

Wade Jet Ski +1- 242-819-6637


Hiking on Stocking Island

Bone fishing in Georgetown, Exuma


Swimming Pig Tours



Car rentals

Annual Regatta-the National Family Island Regatta


Festivals and Events


Other on island activities during the Winter Season

Note: Many of these activities are ongoing during the winter season when there are the most cruising boats in the harbor (~Dec through February). Check in with the Cruisers net at 0800 on VHF Ch-72.

Calendar of Recurring Activities @ Local Businesses


  • Pig Roast; Chat 'n Chill on Volleyball Beach; 1300 - 'til it's gone, roast pig buffet.


  • Rake & Scrape; 1900; Eddie's Edgewater on S shore Lake Victoria.



  • Karaoke; Two Turtles Inn and Resort.

  • Wednesday

  • Dance Night; 1700 - 'til; Chat 'n Chill on Volleyball Beach. Rotissery Chicken, Ribs.

  • Sushi Night; Blu at Exuma Yacht Club. It goes quickly so be early!


  • Rake & Scrape; Peace & Plenty; Dinner @1830; Band 1930 - 'til.

  • Peace & Plenty BBQ: ~1800 - 'til; BBQ, music.


  • Frankie Bananas, the tiki bar on the dock at Augusta Bay, hosts a Happy Hour on Friday afternoon, usually around 1730. They provide complimentary chicken wings and conch fritters, and also have a DJ. They also have 2 for 1 on Sands beer during Happy Hour.


Calendar of Recurring Activities — Cruiser Sponsored — Seasonal


  • Beach Church; 0930; Volleyball Beach. Choir meets at 0900 [ended Sunday 11Mar 2018 for seaso




  • Yoga; 0845-0945; Volleyball Beach.

  • Wednesday


  • Yoga; 0845-0945; Volleyball Beach.




  • Yoga; 0845-0945; Volleyball Beach.


  • Fun Volleyball; 1400 daily; Volleyball Beach.

  • Games; 1400; Volleyball Beach.

  • Crafts: 1400; Volleyball Beach.

  • Dominos: 1400; Volleyball Beach.

  • Bocce: 1400; Volleyball Beach.

  • Horseshoes: 1400; Volleyball Beach.

Recurring Activities:

  • ARG (aka Alcohol Research Group); a moveable cocktail hour & feast.

  • Beach Church: Sunday; 0930; Volleyball Beach.

  • Bocce; 1400; Volleyball Beach.

  • Crafts: 1400 daily; Ages 15+; Volleyball Beach. Including basket making.

  • Checkers. Table and checker on beach.

  • Dominos: 1400 daily; Ages 15+; Volleyball Beach.

  • Fun Volleyball: 1400 daily; Ages 15+; Volleyball Beach.

  • Games: 1400 daily; Ages 15+; Volleyball Beach.

  • Horseshoes: Court in area behind Chat 'n' Chill Conch Shack. Volleyball Beach.

  • Majong; listen to Cruisers Net for possible sessions.

  • Music Makers; occasionally on Volleyball Beach.

  • Water Aerobics: depends on current teacher

  • Women's Bible Study: Tuesday

  • Yoga: depends on the current teacher

Beach Church

  • Non-denominational Christian service open to all.

  • Services Sunday mornings at 0930 on Volleyball Beach.

  • Bring coffee and a snack to share and stay for fellowship after the service.

Water Aerobics

  • 0900 on S Monument Beach

Yoga on the Beach

  • In the shade of the trees on Volleyball Beach.


  • Hiking on Stocking Island

  • There are several trails that give hikers access to most of Stocking Island. It is possible to walk the entire ocean (E) beach of the island. Trails will take you up to Monument Hill and a couple of other high spots where spectacular views of Elizabeth Harbour. A regular cruising visitor, Skip Hird on SV Eleanor M, has drawn an excellent map of the trails for the use of hikers. Skip also maintains these trails.

  • Stocking Island Trail Map for download. Skip asks hikers to heed the advice he provides on the chart to help preserve this fragile environment.

  • The ocean beach can be reached via a short trail that starts on a small beach at the E end of the short marked channel that leads to the S-most hole on Stocking Island. [23º 31.32' N; 75º 45.25 W] Note: Please do not use the walkways at St. Francis Resort; they go to guest rooms.




  • The ocean beach can also be reached from the N end of Sand Dollar Beach near the picnic tables. [23º 30.95 N; 75º 44.60 W]

  • Help the area ecology: Take a plastic bag with you and pick up any trash you may find along the trail. Dispose of trash in dumpster in George Town.

Expertise Available from Cruisers

  • Many cruisers in the area have skills of a wide variety that are useful to fellow cruisers and they are willing to share them on a pro bono basis.

  • Caution: Bahamian law takes a dim view of foreign guests "working" in the Bahamas and loss of a cruising permit could ensue.

  • A good place to listen for and ask for expertise is in the daily morning Cruisers Net on VHF Ch-72 during the "Boaters' General" session.

  • Ask...

  • Pass it forward when you receive assistance.

swimming with sharkscool sounds at St Francis!sting rays at Chat 'n Chillhand made pizzagiant local iguanablue hole, stocking islandkayaks for guest usechillin' with sting rays

Many awesome nature trails on Stocking Island--see hiking trail map above

Hiking on Stocking Island

If you like to hike, the trails of Stocking Island are incredible.    The island itself provides a natural barrier to Georgetown harbour and is about 3 1/2 miles long from tip to tip.

What makes this hike so incredible is the variety of terrains from long expanses of surf beach, to hidden coves to sand dunes to salt flats to shaded paths under full canopy of dry-rain is a photographer's dream.

There is a navy beacon mid island that operated as a marker for ships dating back to the salt industry in the 1800s, although it looks more recently restored compared to the salt beacon on Little Exuma.  It was also used by the airport as a guide before more advanced forms of flight tracking.  There are several paths up to the summit which offers incredible views in every direction.  It is a worthy destination.

A great map available at the tourist office (or download at the bottom of this article if you want to preplan a hike.)   The trails are well marked and benches have been built at some of the most stunning outlooks.

There are bird watering stations along the trails.  It is a bird watcher's paradise.   There is an Osprey nest at the top of the beacon which seems appropriate lording over the island.

There is always something to discover but other sites that are worthy of their own blog include Stromatolites, Starfish Beach, geocache treasure and the Blue Hole.   There are also blowholes, shelling, sandbars, surfing and even a tree swing.  Too much to see on a single hike.

If you don't have your own boat (which can be rented - see the directory) then water taxis can be picked up at the dock in George Town 'on the hour' seven days a week.  Return Taxi service is $12 per person.

You can arrange a start and end point at an appointed time.   St Francis Resort and Chat & Chill both can radio the water taxis and also both have great food and cold drinks, so they are good end points for a long hike.

It is about an hour hike from St Francis to the beacon and an hour back, but shorter and longer hikes are available.   From Chat & Chill you need to wade through the narrows which is waist high at low tide it is then a quick 2 minute hike to the surf beach and great views. (If you are getting dropped somewhere else and working towards Chat and Chill it is worth checking the tide charts so it's not too deep to walk comfortably across the hundred foot gap)

There are no poisonous snakes, but do watch out for poison bush which if touched leaves a rash like poison ivy.    (I have never had a bad experience but washing the oil off with soap and hot water seems to be the remedy coupled with an antihistime.)

As always, please take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints, so others can enjoy this incredible experience for generations to come.  Please stick to the marked trails as there are several private homes on the island and you will be less likely to disturb nesting birds.

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