Frequently asked questions:


How to get to the resort from the airport ( GGT)?

Once you arrive at the airport please pick up a taxi to the Exuma Market. The Driver will contact us at the resort and transport you ( about 30 minutes) to the boat dock where our captain will take you by water taxi to our Resort. The taxi ride cost is about $30. We look forward to seeing you at St Francis Resort!

Exuma International Airport  (GGT)

Are the water taxi rides to and from the resort no charge? What are the scheduled times?

Scheduled daily departure times from St Francis are complimentary-they are:

7.45 am



Scheduled daily departure times from the Exuma Market Dock




For all other requested times, please co-ordinate with management

What is the water temperature through the year?

In the Winter: Maximum: 77°F/25°C.; Minimum 65°F/18°C. In the Summer: Maximum: 91°F/33°C.; Minimum: 75°F/24°C. Did you know that the water temperature in the Bahamas hardly ever drops below 72° F (equivalent to 22° Celsius) near the shorelines?

How do I book a tour to see the Swimming Pigs? Where do I hook up with tour operators?

Diving Tours/operators

What is included the " all inclusive package"?

Package includes: lodging; three meals per day per person with one non-alcoholic beverage per meal, Georgetown to Stocking Island ferry, snorkeling gear, ocean kayaks and paddle boards. Package does not include: airfare, taxi to/ from airport, gratuities, alcoholic beverages, any appetizers or bar menu items, unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, any additional menu items ordered at meal times.